Year of the pig 2019 – chinese horoscope

A little more than two months to finish the year of the Rooster, we are already thinking how we will go in the next cycle, which in the Eastern culture will start on February 16 with the arrival of the Earth Pig .

Is it a better stage than this Earth Dog ? Find out what the Chinese Horoscope 2019 says for each sign:

Year of the pig of Earth in the Chinese horoscope 2019:

On February 05 the new Chinese year begins, starting a new cycle that in the East is loaded with celebrations, as well as cabals and will end on February 4, 2019, giving way to the Jabalí. It is considered one of the most important days in China to start the calendar again, based on the lunar cycles.

The pig is considered one of the most loved and friendly of the zodiac and if you happen to be on your list of friends you will never receive a disappointment from him, since his loyalty is unwavering and he also loves deeply once you become part of his circle.

chinese horoscope 2019

This will be a crucial year for family unity and love, but it will also teach us to be more empathetic, patient and tolerant of those around us.

As for the professional, in 2019 personal efforts will be rewarded. Therefore, it is not time to trust anyone, but only you to achieve success.

On the other hand, good health is fundamental for the pig, since he is agile and you will need to put yourself at his level, for that the sedentarism will not be beneficial and will bring serious consequences. It’s a time to get around, play sports, look for new activities that will not only help your physique but will also be extremely necessary to channel the stress of the year.

Predictions for each sign in the Chinese Horoscope 2019:

Rat in the Chinese horoscope 2019 (1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008) You should be careful this year because although 2019 is not negative for them, the pig will demand that you behave and avoid doing improper things. In addition, he must put more effort into his labors and cultivate patience.

It is not an auspicious year for risky investments, so if it is launched in a venture, it must be built safely and calmly so as not to make mistakes. Also, you should avoid discussing your plans and keep your finances and possessions in reserve. The recommendation is to work with a low profile but at a firm pace to have optimal results.

As for love, singles can find a partner but they must also differentiate between love and passion so as not to end up in a separation. Stable couples should not press for greater commitment if they have reached solidity, otherwise, they will throw away what they have achieved.

Buffalo in the Chinese horoscope 2019 (1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009) This is one of the most hard-working signs of the zodiac and this year will benefit from the pig thanks to perseverance. However, you must learn to handle your anger, especially at the family and couple level. Do not fall into the temptation to argue without first having calmed down.

During 2019 the Buffalos must rethink several things in their life and that will lead them to make unexpected but necessary changes.

In more labor issues will need more tolerance, as it will tend to discuss and enter into crisis, especially if there are new characters that enter the work area and this messes up your scheme, something that you can not stand … Part of the teaching of the year is to trust and receive help from others very much in spite of your conviction that nobody can do the job better than you.

Tiger in the Chinese horoscope 2019 (1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010) During this year the Tiger will be able to forgive and will give new opportunities, but only if they really deserve his company. It will be a good 2019 in all respects and will be able to avoid any problem that may arise.

This passionate and energetic animal should dare to change and make great revolutions for him or others who follow him. On the other hand, you must accept that your love life will depend only on your extensive working hours. Singles should be less demanding if they want to find a partner this 2019.

In the labor area, you could suffer a wear and tear and the routine of your functions will have the guilt, so if necessary, you will have to make a couple of changes to re-enlist. Good year for new contracts or job changes.

Rabbit in the Chinese horoscope 2019 (1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011) El Gallo has not been easy for the Rabbit, however, this 2019 may begin to see the fruits of his effort, this being a harvest stage For him, he can also put in order any pending issue, which will allow him to move forward without heavy backpacks.

In love, singles could fall blindly in love but they will encounter obstacles from their close ones who will see with jealousy and bad eyes the distance they will have, since they will tend to isolate themselves and stop sharing to close themselves in the relationship.

For those who have a stable partner, during this 2019, they can fully enjoy the love and family together as long as they learn to be more tolerant and on the other hand, act with honesty first and foremost.

In the professional life, all the projects that you started before the pig will see its fruits this year, which will allow you to consolidate and remain calm building future with new goals. The finances will be fine, but that does not mean that you are going to spend more than necessary.

Dragon in the Chinese horoscope 2019 (1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012) This year you must prepare yourself, since you will go through many things, among those more than one change that will take you by surprise. This, because the Dragon is an opposite to the pig, therefore it will not give you rest. During this 2019 you will have to take care of your money, both what you enter and the expenses, but in addition you should be very attentive to your personal and couple relationships, since there could be several conflicts and even at risk of going through a serious crisis.

It will be time for you to analyze well with whom you will associate, as well as with whom you start a relationship if you are single. Strictly speaking, you should be careful all year, since it will be a period where several situations will put you to the test.

On the other hand, you must work your character, improve your pride and learn to apologize, especially with your partner and close friends.

Finally take care of people from the past who have been negative for your life and who could return.

Snake in the Chinese horoscope 2019 (1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013) For the clever Serpent this will be a relatively calm year, where you can take the time to analyze your priorities and part of that will be to move away from people who do not They are really contributing to their future. It will be time to put order and evaluate the way you have been working, that will help you to reinvent yourself to reach your goals.